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Important Release Notes

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    External Resources

  • Python Web Site
  • Python for Win32 Extensions Site
  • Python for Win32 mailing list
  • Tim Golden's Python pages
  • Paul Boddie's Python COM tutorial

    Python Objects

  • Modules
  • Objects

    Overviews and other documentation

  • ASP and Python
  • DirectSound examples
  • Keyboard Bindings
  • MTS and Python for NT
  • Python, C++, and COM
  • Recursive directory deletes and special files
  • Source code folding in the editor
  • Source Safe Integration
  • Tabs and indentation in the editor
  • and Windows Shell Links
  • Windows NT Eventlog
  • Windows NT Eventlog and Threading
  • Windows NT Files -- Locking
  • Windows NT Security -- Impersonation

    Win32 API

  • Directory permissions with GetNamedSecurityInfo
  • Getting process info (with some COM thrown it!)
  • Windows NT/2000 Networking with the win32net module

    Python COM

  • ADSI Python
  • Active Directory
  • Important notes about COM currency support changes
  • win32com documentation index
  • win32com readme

    Pythonwin and win32ui

  • Pythonwin Debugger documentation
  • Pythonwin readme
  • The Pythonwin environment

    ISAPI filters and extensions

  • Introduction to Python ISAPI support
  • Constants

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